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  • Back for 1 Weekend only, 1-for-1 deals!
    news-weekend20170826-27.png (580×147)

    1-for-1 Weekends are back with a bang from 21 April 0000HRS (CEST) to 22 April 2359HRS (CEST) ! Snag 1-For-1 Deals on the ever popular Jellies and Dragon Boxes this weekend specifically for the following items:
    28mob9y.jpg (520×538)

    Terms and Conditions:

    • The Promotion will start on 21 April 0000HRS to 22 April 2359HRS
    Team Dragon Nest on: 19/Apr/2018 Read more
  • Let Nothing Stand In The Way Of Your Raids! [Nest Reset]
    notice.png (579×116)

    Are you grinding your nests and the lack of entries are getting you down? Then enjoy a Nest Reset  on the 19th of April at 1300HRS (CEST) and quench your thirst for your enemies’ blood! This is one boost that you won’t want to miss. 
    Team Dragon Nest on: 18/Apr/2018 Read more
  • Glory and Riches await those who fear nothing!
    20180418_news_banner_MissionEvent_EN.png (580×148)

    What compels ordinary people to rise as Heroes? Fame? Glory? From 18 April 0000Hrs to 8 May 2359Hrs(CEST), get all of that and more when you choose to enter the belly of the beast during this event period. Your time to make a mark is now!

    20180418_news_img_MissionEvent01_EN.jpg (600×782)

    20180418_news_img_MissionEvent02_EN.jpg (600×375)

    20180418_news_img_MissionEvent03_EN.png (600×290)
    20180418_news_img_MissionEvent04_EN.png (600×550)

    Terms and Conditions

    • The event will start on 18 April and
    Team Dragon Nest on: 17/Apr/2018 Read more
  • Game Patch (Completed on 18 Apr)
    gamepatch_de.png (579×116)
    Game service resumed at 0630HRS CEST. Happy Gaming!

    Dear Players,

    There will be a Game Patch on 18 April 2018 starting from 0400HRS CEST.

    The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 0900HRS CEST.

    We strongly recommend that you log out of the game before the
    Team Dragon Nest on: 17/Apr/2018 Read more
  • Have you booked your FREE Reward + Bonuses this April?
    20180411_news_banner_AprilBonusEvent_EN.png (580×147)

    When it comes to this amount of free stuff, we aren’t in the business of joking! From 14 April 0000HRS to 5 May 2359HRS (CEST), simply head down to Lagendia and grab all the goodies you can find below to enjoy a very Auspicious April: 

    20180411_news_event_img01_EN.jpg (780×307)
    20180411_news_event_img02_EN.jpg (780×358)

    Rewards will be sent at 1200HRS (CEST).
    Rewards will be
    Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Apr/2018 Read more
  • Blood Phantom Exclusive Costume Set Bug
    notice.png (579×116)

    The Blood Phantom Exclusive Costume set crediting will be delayed as the costume set bonus is missing. It will be given out on the next schedule maintenance.

    As for the Crimson Death title will be credited on 16 April 2018 before 2359HRS. 

    Thank you for your patience and continued support.

    Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Apr/2018 Read more
  • April’s Biggest Giveaway is at your fingertips!
    20180411_news_banner_AprilLoginEvent_EN.png (580×147)

    If you thought you had your April plans set in stone, get ready to rearrange them because Dragon Nest Europe is coming at you with an April Giveaway! From 24 April 0000HRS to 6 May 2359HRS (CEST), simply log in to pick up a Reward from your Special Storage. It’s so easy that you’d be losing out if
    Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Apr/2018 Read more
  • April’s offerings are what your wardrobe has been missing!
    20180411_news_banner_CashNews2_EN.png (580×147)

    A full spectrum of colours are at your fingertips this April at the Cash Shop! For all things you didn’t even know you wanted, check out below: 

    Monthly Costume – Detective Costume
    The perfect outfit to have when you’re trying to decide which enemy is going to face your wrath next!

    20180411_news_img01_Costume.jpg (780×433)
    20180411_news_img02_Costume.jpg (780×433)
    20180411_news_img03_Costume.jpg (780×433)

    Engraving Scroll
    Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Apr/2018 Read more
  • Explore Have a Jelly good time in Lagendia’s latest dungeon!
    news_banner_HitTheJelly_EN_APR2018.jpg (580×147)

    If you’re looking for an adventure you won’t soon forget, Dragon Nest Europe has got your back in this month of April! With the chance of swimming in a sea of sweet Jelly and an adventure in the latest iteration of Altea’s Continent Exploration, things are heating up in the land of Althea!

    Hit the
    Team Dragon Nest on: 10/Apr/2018 Read more
  • The Green Dragon’s vengeful spirit returns!
    news_banner_GreenDragon_APR2018.jpg (580×147)

    Like how a bright light leaves an imprint even after closing your eyes, Karahan’s bottomless vengeance refuses to die and has instead merged with the Nightmare.

    While Karahan and his minions only exist now as an after-image, they remain as dangerous as ever and only you can sink your blade in the
    Team Dragon Nest on: 10/Apr/2018 Read more

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