The Arch Heretic character is only available for a limited time.
Create yours now before it’s too late!

This countdown timer reflects the time left before Arch Heretic is removed from the game.
You can also create a Dark Avenger and Silver Hunter during this stipulated time frame too.

Character Creation

  • Step 1: Click “Create Character button. New accounts will enter “Create Character” section automatically.
  • Step 2: Click “Arch Heretic” button and click “Create”. (Arch Heretic is selected by default.)
  • Step 3: After customizing the character, enter character name and click “Create” to create Heretic character.
  • Heretic can only be created until the next content patch update. (Dark Avenger and Silver Hunter can be created during this period too.)
  • Arch Heretic will be created as a Heretic at the beginning.
  • Heretic cannot specialize into other jobs (Paladin, Priest).
  • Job Change Scroll cannot be used.
  • When you enter Mana Ridge after completing the tutorial, you will accomplish a mission and receive special rewards in the mailbox.
  • Cleric skills require Gold to be learned but Heretic and Arch Heretic skills can be learned without using Gold.
  • There is no Lv80 Legend Red Dragon Equipment (Weapon, Armor) that can be equipped on Arch Heretic.

Character Skills


A melee fighter who deals a series of destructive attacks using mace and shield. He specializes in powerful wide area attacks using resources accumulated from continuous attacks.


Quickly wields the weapon horizontally then swings it upwards to launch enemies into the air. Additionally, enter Normal Attack Button to follow up with Carnage skill immediately

Evil Hand

Jumps and uses Dark Hand to attack enemies at the same time then hits the ground to make a Giant Dark Pillar shoot up. All Attribute Resistance will be reduced for enemies that are hit accurately.


Swings the weapon sideways on the spot to attack enemies in front. Addtionally, you can attack continuosly by holding the Normal Attack Button and 1 Nightmare Force will be created for each hit.

Savage Attack

Changes to Designated Target State for a while to use Dark Lightning. In this state, you can freely change the target location by using the cursor and enter Normal Attack button to make Dark Lightning fall on the target location.


Swings the weapon to create a large X -Shaped crack on the ground in front to make enemies fall down. Movement speed of enemies within the area will be reduced for a while.

Death Gate

Takes the appearance of an Arch Heretic for a while and jumps high up into the sky to launch Dark Spear from the Dimension gate to the ground. Damage increases 1.5 times for the first 4 attacks until the last charging and you can shoot quickly without charging by entering the Normal Attack Button. When all 4 attacks end, many Dimension Gates are summoned at once for an indiscrimnate bombing. Also, enter Special Attack Button to start the indiscriminate bombing immediately

Soul Steal

Absorbs the soul of a nearby enemy to deal damage and recover own HP.

Evil Stain

Strength stat is increased based on the number of Nightmare Force created.

Brutal Soul

Collects the energy of darkness to increase own Dark Attribute ATK. Afterwards, additionally enter Normal Attack Button to use Pain to Gain continuously.

Pain to Gain

Sacrifices own HP to create 30 Nightmare Force.

Land Corruption

Corrupted Zone is created on the ground. Within the Corrupted Zone, Herectic will recover Hp when enemies are hit accurately and his Action Speed will increase.

Shield Smash

Enter Normal Attack Button during Jump to throw the shield to the front before slightly retreating to the back. Has a high chance of inflicting Stun on enemies that are hit accurately.

Chaos Shield

Throws the shield horizontally to the front. The shield will fly a certain distance and keep spinning on the spot to pull nearby enemies.

Cruel Rush

Runs forward with increased movement speed and wields the weapon to attack enemies in front. Additionally, you can continue to dash and attack by holding the Normal Attack Button and one additional attack uses 3 Nightmare Force.

Guilt Attack

Enter Normal Attack Button during Sliding Step, Dash or Quick Dash to swing the weapon while turning one round.

Flaming Revenant

Enter Normal Attack Button to counter attack.

Deadly Blow

Quickly dashes to the front and wields the weapon to make enemies fall. Enter [Jump Button] while using certain skills on the ground to cancel the skill motion and activate this skill. After using the skill, hold Normal Attack Button to follow up with Carnage Skill immediately.

Arch Heretic

When Heretic can control Goddess’s nightmare, he can use the power to awaken as Arch Heretic. When awakened, his speed on the ground increases substantially and his weapon is changed to “Heretic Sword” which can be extended to increase attack power or attack range.

Arch Heretic

Infuses the body with the power of nightmare to transform into Arch Heretic. When transformed, the character's Physical Attack Power increases proportional to the character's strength. Also, some attack skills are changed into Nightmare Skills with enhanced effects.


Heretic Sword violently spins in the air as it descends slowly is launched to the front. Enter Normal Attack Button while descending to launch it immediately.

Class Mastery

Every 2 seconds, you will attain 1 additional Nightmare Force. Also, Land Corruption's cooldown will be reduced when you hit enemies with Nightmare Skill. However, cooldown reduction will occur only once for each skill's first hit. Only the first hit would be applicable for the additional attacks of Carnage and Cruel Rush

Class Mastery II

Every 1 seconds, Deadly Blow's Attack Power increases by 50%, up to a maximum 1000%. When Deadly Blow hits enemies accurately, the accumulated increase in Attack Power will disappear. Also, own Physical Attack will increase.

Quick Dash

Sliding Step is enhanced when transformed into Arch Heretic and travels further.

Power Accelerator (A)

Final Damage is increased by 10%

Attack Accelerator (B)

Damage of all Nightmare skill used after transforming into an Arch Heretic increases by 5%.

Enhanced Buff (Brutal Soul)

Brutal Soul buff is enhanced. When Brutal Soul is used, Critical Rate increases additionally.

Arch Heretic EX (A)

Arch Heretic skill is enhanced. When Arch Heretic Transformation is used, Physical Attack is greatly increased.

Power Accelerator (B)

Dark Attribute Attack increases by 15%.

Attack Accelerator (B)
Whenever you attack hits enemies accurately with Critical, 5% additional damage occurs.
Enhanced Buff (Pain to Gain)

Pain to Gain buff is enhanced. When Pain to Gain is used, more Nightmare Force are created.

Arch Heretic EX (B)

Arch Heretic skill is enhanced. When Arch Heretic Transformation is used, Physical Attack is slightly increased and All Attribute Resistance is greatly increased.

Awakening Quest

You can get the Awakening quest as a Remote Quest or from the NPC Master Cleric Enoch.

Special Items

Get the following items for your Arch Heretic when you reach the respective levels.
Remember to claim them before they expire!

Note: Arch Heretic’s Beginning can be opened from Lv60 and will disappear after 30 days.

Arch Heretic’s Path

- Lv93 +8 Desirous Theano Equipment Set
- Dark Heretical Wolf (Arch Heretic 30 days exclusive mount)
Note: Arch Heretic’s Path can be opened from Lv93 and will disappear after 30 days.


archheretic-screenshots-02 archheretic-screenshots-03 archheretic-screenshots-04 archheretic-screenshots-05

This bizarre area where several dimensions are entangled, has long been neglected by Goddess Vestinel. Unlike the other territories that were fearful of the Distorted Zone and imposed entry prohibitions to the area, Rhadames was keen on researching the mysteries and had even explored the area once.

The people of Rhadames believed in the infinite possibilities the area had, and the precious resources hidden inside it could be a big help to the Anti-Goddess Faction. As the exploration drew on however, the number of death and casualties occurred gradually gave way to fear which overrode curiosity. The research stopped and no one dared to enter the Distorted Zone ever since.

Now merely a handful of scholars still cling on to the vague hope for the day to come when they can research on the Distorted Zone again.

Main Quest

You can enter Rhadames from Saint Haven’s Western Gate of Boundaries.

Extra Chapter 6: Turning Point

  • Quest Start NPC: Saint Haven’s Priestess of Darkness Mocha or Rhadames’s Norfe
  • Quest Start Location: Rhadames
  • Pre-requisite Quest: Complete Chapter 14. Seed of Hope’s [Beginning of Hope] quest
  • Level Requirement: Lv93 and higher
  • If you’re in Saint Haven, look for Priestess of Darkness Mocha.
  • If you’re in Rhadames, look for Norfe to do the quest.

Side Quest

The story of another Distorted Zone near Rhadames.
You can learn about the stories of several characters who hold little secrets.

Quest Start Location: Rhadames

  • Belks’ Worries Episode

    • Quest Start NPC: Guard Belks
    • Quest Start Level: 93
    • Pre-requisite Quest: Beginning of Hope
  • Fargani’s Request Episode

    • Quest Start NPC: Astronomer Fargani
    • Quest Start Level: 93
    • Pre-requisite Quest: Spark on the Fuse
  • Mysterious Woman Episode

    • Quest Start NPC: Sorceress Anna
    • Quest Start Level: 93
    • Pre-requisite Quest: Spark on the Fuse

Dungeon Structure

  • Fixed Dungeon -> Random Dungeon
  • When you enter Fixed Dungeon (Cathedral Confessional or Dry Sand Swamp) from Rhadames, a gate to Random Dungeon (Abandoned Unknown Zone) will open.
  • Random Dungeon has a total of 4 maps and each has different monster and background and a random event will occur.

Fixed Dungeon

  • By entering Distorted Zone Entry Gate in Rhadames, you can select and enter either [Cathedral Confessional] or [Dry Sand Swamp].
  • After clearing the 2 Fixed Dungeons, a portal to Abandoned Unknown Zone will open.
  • When you enter Abandoned Unknown Zone portal, you will enter a Random Dungeon.

Random Dungeon

  • When you clear a Fixed Dungeon (Cathedral Confessional, Dry Sand Swamp), a portal to Abandoned Unknown Zone will open.
  • Abandoned Unknown Zone is made up of 4 dungeons and you will enter one of them.

Random Event

  • There is a chance of a random event occurring when you are clearing a certain area in the Random Dungeon.
  • Chances of each event differs for each difficulty level.
  • When the event occurs, you can get an additional reward box after clearing the dungeon.

Event Type

  • Intrusion : Monsters appear from the distorted area.
  • Disaster : Lightning will strike or rocks will fall periodically until you clear the area.
  • Enrage : Monsters are temporarily enraged.
  • Fight : Boss appears from the distorted area.


Brave conquerors of the Lv93 Distorted Zone can grab these rewards!

Normal Mode

  • Theano Equipment
  • Theano Accessory
  • Epic Dragon Jade
  • Magic Talisman
  • Skill Plate
  • Friendship

Master Mode

  • Theano Equipment
  • Theano Accessory
  • Epic Dragon Jade
  • Hardened Labyss
  • Skill Plate
  • Friendship

Abyss Mode

Community System Improvements

Party Reward System Added

  • For a more active [Community] with active participation of new users, a system with new rewards has been added.
  • - [Party Reward] tab has been added to [Community (O)] window where you can get additional rewards for playing in a party.
  • - You can check the information on the rewards you can get for playing in a party.

Party Reward System Details – Accumulated Points

  • When you play in a party, each character can automatically get [Party Reward Points] listed in [Basic Conditions] and [Recommended Conditions].
  • - Basic Conditions: Each character in the party will accumulate points based on the party size and cleared location.
  • - Recommended Conditions : When players equipped with the title “New Hero/Chronicle Hero/Returned Hero” are inside the party, all the party members will get bonus points.
  • - Accumulated Party Reward Points : You can accumulate up to 10,000 Points and the accumulated points will last until 9am every Saturday.

Party Reward System Details – Rewarding and Reset

  • When [Party Reward Points] are fully accumulated, you will automatically receive a reward in your [Mailbox].
  • - You will see a system message on the chat window when you get the reward.
  • - When reward is given out, points will not be accumulated anymore and you can accumulate points again when it is reset at 9am on Saturday. (Starts from 0 points)

Party Reward System Details – Tip

  • You can accumulate more points by including a player with [New/Returned Benefits] in the party.
  • - A party that receives [New/Returned Benefits] will be shown with the benefit icon on the [Party Window].
  • - Such effect will be given to the party by characters with the title [New Hero], [Chronicle Hero], or [Returned Hero].

What Is Growth Guide System?

  • When your character’s level reaches the maximum, you can see the beginner’s guide about game contents before playing in a [party].
  • - This is a system that can only be used by characters who reached Lv93 (maximum level).
  • - After reaching the [max level], why not take a look at [Contents Goals] and [Equipment Collection] to enjoy the game?
  • * Growth guide speech bubble will not appear anymore when you achieve at least one [Contents Goal].

Check the Contents Goals!

  • Achieve simple [Contents Goals] related to character growth and you can get equipment and materials suited for max level.
  • - Contents Goals can be completed only once by each character.
  • - Required conditions and location can be found in the Contents Goal list.
  • - Players who have already reached Lv93 can accomplish Contents Goals too.
  • * Contents Goals may change in the future to match the next level cap.

Contents Goal Achieved!

  • When you achieve the conditions for Contents Goal, you will see the achievement notification at the center of the screen.
  • - When you see the Contents Goal mark, reward will automatically be sent to your [Mailbox].
  • • Rewards may also change in the next level cap.

Tip : Check Growth Guide Easily!

  • You can assign a hotkey for growth guide!
  • - Q : It’s hard to see the [Growth Guide] because the mark cannot be seen when the character enters World Map and Dungeon.
  • - A : Don’t worry! You can go to [Control Settings]-[Interface / Additional Features] to assign a hotkey for [Growth Guide] and you can see it anywhere.

Check How Good Your Equipment Is!

  • From the Equipment Collection, you can see the specs of currently equipped items and better equipment.
  • * Equipment Collection shows items for your character’s class only.
  • * Note: Effectiveness of items in the Equipment Collection may change based on your settings.

Equipment Collection Step 1 : Select the equipment you want to check.

  • - From the Equipment Category, select the equipment and you will see the equipment on the item list.

Equipment Collection Step 2 : Select the class, equipment level, and enhancement level.

  • - When you open the Equipment Collection for the first time, current class will be selected by default.
  • - Equipment Collection shows items above Lv90.
  • - Special items such as event items and PVP equipment may not be shown.
  • - When you enter the enhancement level, items will be shown in enhanced state.

Equipment Collection Step 3 : Check the item information.

  • - When you select the items on the list, you can check information such as [Difficulty of Attainment], [Attainment Location], and [Item Description].
  • - Items equipped on your character will be shown with a star icon at the top right corner.

- Equipment Collection’s item list is shown in the ascending order of effectiveness. (Better items are shown below.)

Game Content Improvement

Dragon's Scale Store Lv90 Legend Dragon Jade Added

At Dragon’s Scale Store managed by Priestess of Darkness Madeleine in Garden of Time and Space, you can now buy the newly added Lv90 Legend Attribute Dragon Jade.

Guide Mission Renewal

  • More details have been added on how to accomplish the guide missions.
  • - [Achievement Conditions] have been changed to be more precise.
  • - Guide Missions that can be taken until Lv93 have been added.
  • - Guide Mission rewards have been changed to [Gold] and [EXP] which are necessary for beginners.

Goddess's Grief Pouch Contents

  • Goddess’s Grief Pouch
  • - Contents of Goddess’s Grief Pouch will be changed.
  • - Superior Alteum is removed and Garnet is added.
  • - An exchange coupon for new Unique grade Goddess’s Title “Teary-eyed” will be added.

Changes in Garden of Time and Space Structure

Garden of Time and Space Portal is now made up of Garden of Time and Space (Lv90) and Garden of Time and Space (Lv93) with the respective dungeons:

Garden of Time and Space (Lv93)

  • Returned Typhoon Kim Nest (Lv.93)
  • Professor K Nest Remedial Class (Lv.93)
  • Hero's Battlefield (Lv.70)
  • Hero's Battlefield Hard Core (Lv.80)

Garden of Time and Space (Lv90)

  • Daidalos Nest (Lv.90)
  • Counterattacking Manticore Nest (Lv.90)
  • Returned Archbishop Nest (Lv.90)
  • Hot Sand Desert Dragon Nest (Lv.90)
  • Red Dragon Nest (Lv.80)
  • Ice Dragon Nest (Lv.90)
  • Hero's Battlefield (Lv.70)
  • Hero's Battlefield Hard Core (Lv.80)

Dragon Jade Enhancement to Level 12

  • Lv93 Dragon Jade item’s maximum enhancement level has been raised to Level 12.
  • With the increase in Dragon Jade enhancement level, new enhance-ement material has not been added.

UI Improvement

Character Selection/Creation Window Renewal

Character selection and creation window now have a new background and UI.

Character Selection Screen Renewal

UI arrangements and background have changed.

[Preview] and [Gesture] have been removed from the Character Selection window. They are only shown in Character Creation window – Customizing stage now.

The message below will now be shown when you mouse over on the [question mark].

Character Creation Window Renewal

  • Original Characters and Spinoff Characters can now be created at the same place.
  • Unnecessary animation has been removed to shorten the time required to select and create a character.
  • You can check job change information for each class.

Click the class button and you can see the basic character image.

Click the Specialization Tree on the right side of Character Creation window to preview specialization and see the description.

See Skill Feature

You can now see the skills of other characters through this feature.

How To View Skills

Step 1: Approach a character in town and click the green face icon.

Step2: From the Menu buttons, click [See Skill].

Step3: See Skill window will open

  • You can see a comparison for basic jobs at first.
  • Click Basic Job – 1st Specialization – 2nd Specialization – Awakening buttons and you can see a comparison with your own character’s jobs.
  • When the other character has the same job as your character, your skill levels will be shown in blue.
  • When your character’s job is different from the other player, only the skill levels of the other character will be shown.
  • Blue skill level will not be shown as can be seen below.

Character Buff/Debuff Tooltip

  • Buff/Debuff Icon: Effect Description Added
  • Descriptions for buffs/debuffs due to character skills can now be checked when you mouse over on the icon.
  • - [Skill Name], [Skill Tooltip], and [Remaining Time for Buff/Debuff] will be shown when you mouse over on the buff/debuff icon.
  • - When there are changes or additional effects due to EX skill, EX skill tooltip will be shown together.
  • - For skills used by summoned characters, buff/debuff description will be simple.
  • - Mouse over on the bubble icon and you can see [Bubble Name] and [Number of Bubbles / Max Number of Bubbles].

Skill Heraldry Removed

  • - Academic’s C2H5OH [Increased Debuff Duration] Heraldry is removed.
  • - You cannot craft or attain the removed Heraldry anymore.

Nest Gold Pouch Added

  • - When you clear certain nests, [Epic Grade Gold Pouch] with assigned ownership will be dropped.
  • - This is applicable for the following nests.
Area Difficulty Drop Count No. of Plays Total Attained
Ice Dragon Nest (4-player) Normal 1 2 2
Hard Core 2 1 2
Ice Dragon Nest (8-player) Normal 1 2 2
Hard Core 2 1 2
Returned Typhoon Kim Nest Normal 1 3 3
Hard Core 2 3 6
Professor K Remedial Class Nest Normal 1 3 3
Hard Core 2 3 6
Total 26

Equipment Collection

Category Name
Accessory Obsession Theano Accessory
Talisman Lv. 93 Rare Talisman
Special Enhancement Heraldry Lv. 93 Epic Concentration Heraldry

Changes in Fortress of Erosion Store

  • - Level requirement for buying all items in Fortress of Erosion Store has been changed to Lv90.

Daily Task – Changes in Distorted Zone Target Location

  • - Achievement condition has been changed from the old Distorted Zone to new Distorted Zone (Lv93) in [Rhadames].

Conversion Costume

The Dragon Box has a special treat for you this January and it’s giving your Conversion Costumes some lovin’! Simply get your hands on a Conversion Item and you’re ready to follow the steps below to get started on giving your Conversion Costumes the stats they deserve:

1) Head down to the [Magical Costume Mirror] located in Saint Haven to begin the process of changing your Conversion Item’s appearance to your favourite Conversion Costume!

Magical Costume Mirror Location

2) Insert the Conversion Costume of your choice to change the appearance of you Conversion Item.

Change appearance of your conversion item

*REMINDER: Only Design of Conversion Costume will be carried over. The Conversion Item will keep its stats.

Before Conversion

Before conversion

After Conversion

After conversion

*NOTE: Un-equipping the conversion costume will return the costume back to their original form.

Conversed item