Lancer's Awakening: Pierce the Darkness Launch Events

With a strong sense of justice, Lancer has always been the kind of heroine that is ready to help those in need!

What makes her adored by the general public is how despite starting off as someone timid, she has grown to be a seasoned warrior that has never lose her cheerful smile even in the face of danger.

Join her now in a power that she has only dreamed about in Lancer’s Awakening!



  • Angelic Spear (Active)
    Angelic Spear (Active)

    A skill that shoots giant Magic Spear with a pair of after-effect wings which penetrates through enemies and deals multiple hits.

  • [Awakened Passive] Wall Maker
    [Awakened Passive] Wall Maker

    While within the skill area, damage of all magic after-effect skills are enhanced and Hovering Blade EX can be used in a succession.

  • [Awakened Passive] Poking Beehive
    [Awakened Passive] Poking Beehive

    Magic Spear that dropped will last longer and Flag Sign can be used to make it explode at a desired location.

  • [Awakened Passive] Fling Fling
    [Awakened Passive] Fling Fling

    Skill is enhanced when using a Normal Attack after casting.

  • [Awakened Passive] Arcane Focus
    [Awakened Passive] Arcane Focus

    Arcane Focus changes to an aerial attack that deals damage and give attribute resistance debuff on multiple targets.

  • Flag Sign (Active)
    Flag Sign (Active)

    Family flag is placed on the ground to mark the target and if there are Magic Spears nearby, they will fly to the target area and explode. The flag explodes after a while to deal additional damage.


  • Bifrost (Active)
    Bifrost (Active)

    In a path that is shaped like a rainbow bridge, Flurry jumps and hits enemies upwards and throws them back to the ground. Skill is enhanced when it hits [Vulnerable] enemies accurately.

  • Evil Punisher (Active)
    Evil Punisher (Active)

    A skill that finds evil spirits hidden in the chaos of two dimensions. Evil spirits found will explode if there is an enemy nearby. Evil spirits that remain without exploding can be removed manually to get Justice buff.

  • [Awakened Passive] Headbutt
    [Awakened Passive] Headbutt

    When Headbutt is used, it has a chance to deal great damage and make the enemy Vulnerable.

  • [Awakened Passive] Hornet’s Touch
    [Awakened Passive] Hornet’s Touch

    Additional attack can be used even without a successful counterattack after using Hornet’s Touch. Energy is gained when the attacks hit enemies accurately.

  • [Awakened Passive] Spinning Cut
    [Awakened Passive] Spinning Cut

    Spinning Cut is enhanced. Additional attack deals more damage when cast at the right timing and recovers a part of the cooldown when skill enhancement failed.

  • [Awakened Passive] Scar Maker
    [Awakened Passive] Scar Maker

    Attack power, buff area and buff duration has increased.

When you reach Lv90, go to Saint Haven’s Priestess of Darkness Mocha in Merca’s Heart. You can get the quest ‘[Awakening] New Power Beckons’ from Mocha.

When you complete all related quests after accepting them, ‘Awakening’ tab will be opened in the Skill window [K] and you can use the Awakening skills.

Players who have not completed 2nd specialization yet will be able to see the exclamation mark above the NPC’s head but will not be able to take the quest.

Note: The following criteria must be fulfilled for you to take the Awakening quest.

In the gap of dimensions, where peace has been enjoyed for a long time, an energy from the abyss invades.

Darkness – the origin of all poison inside the Goddess has rushed to this gap to hold a banquet of their own.

As more and more banquets are held, the Goddess’ nightmare persists and grows stronger. Stop their banquets and push back the Nightmare.

Entry Info

Entry Level
Number of Players
Weekly Clear Limit
7 times per week
Number of Resurrections
No Resurrection

※ You need Dark Banquet Entry Ticket to enter.

You can enter Dark Banquet through Garden Time and Space

Entry Ticket

  • Look for “Temple Knight Elizer” in front of Saint Haven’s Garden of Time and Space.
  • You can buy 1 Entry Ticket per day with 1 Copper and it has to be used within 1 day.

Stage Play

Try to go as high as you can to get more rewards.
When normal stage is cleared, user’s HP and MP will be recovered.
When boss stage is cleared, dead player will resurrect.
When all players die, stage will end.
Conditions for getting the reward
First Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage (Level 4)
Second Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage (Level 7)
Third Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage (Level 11)
Last Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage (Level 12)
  • Users’ stats are balanced in Dark Banquet.
  • Heroes and potions cannot be used.


  • When you enter a normal stage, you will enter a random stage of 2 stages.
  • Stage clear count will be recorded when you clear Level 3.
Sort Stage Grade Reward
Level 1 Church of Hobgoblin Souls Hobgoblin Production Facility Normal
Level 2 Alley of Ghouls and Skeletons Ancient Weapon Warehouse Normal
Level 3 Guardian of Dimensions Statue of Mirror Goddess Normal
Level 4 Temple of Fallen Soldiers Boss First Treasure Chest
Level 5 Assay Warrior's Sanctuary Traitor Cedric's Library Normal
Level 6 Abandoned Rune Elf Forest Dance of the Orcs Normal
Level 7 Arena of Fallen Soldiers Boss Second Treasure Chest
Level 8 Executor's Trap Dragon Followers' Hideout Normal
Level 9 Poisoned Elena's Ghost Goblin vs Minotaur Normal
Level 10 Canyon of the Dark Elves Dark Overlord Gates Normal
Level 11 Sanctuary of Fallen Soldiers Boss Third Treasure Chest
Level 12 Invitation from Tacitus Boss Last Treasure Chest


  • You can get rewards when you clear Levels 4, 7, 11, and 12 of Dark Banquet.
  • When you play Dark Banquet in a party of 2 players, the number of Cube Fragments obtained by each player can be different at each level. However, party size will not affect the maximum and minimum number of Cube Fragments obtainable by each player. E.g.) When Player A and Player B clear Level 4 together, Player A may get 2 fragments and Player B may get 9 fragments.
  • You can get Rock of Darkness and Gold Goblin Coin at a low probability from the reward chest at the last level, Level 12.
Dark Banquet Reward
4F 2~9 Ancient Element Cube Fragment
7F 5~20 Ancient Element Cube Fragment
11F 10~50 Ancient Element Cube Fragment
12F 15~80 Ancient Element Cube Fragment
Rock of Darkness
Gold Goblin Coin


You can use Ancient Element Cube Fragment to exchange for Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman or Ancient Element Cube from [Temple Knight Elizer - Dark Banquet Store].

Dark Banquet Store
Item Required for purchase
Ancient Element Cube Ancient Element Cube Fragment x10
Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman Ancient Element Cube Fragment x30
Dark Banquet Entry Ticket 1 Copper

Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman Enhancement

[Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman] which can be purchased at the Dark Banquet Store is a Talisman that has 4 kinds of elements

  • Fire, Water, Light, and Darkness.
  • Initial stats for [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman] purchased at the store is 0.5% for each stat.
  • [Ancient Element Cube] can be used to amplify the elemental energy and enhance
  • [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman].
  • Each [Ancient Element Cube] increases [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman]’s element stats by 0.1%.
  • [Ancient Element Cube] disappears once used.
  • [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman]’s elemental stats can be enhanced to up to 5%!

In recognition of her long-term services as the Events Planner of the Royal Court, Irine has been rewarded a vacation.

As she leisurely enjoys her break at the Hot Spring, many have been led to wonder – was the kindness Irine showed you strictly due to her duties or could it be that you are her “special someone”?

Have this rare opportunity to take a peek at Irine’s private life and find out what she really feels deep inside.

How to increase friendship with Irine

  1. Friendship level increases when you give the items below to Irine.
  2. These items can be obtained from [Love Academy] stages.
  3. th reach 100% friendship with Irine on Holiday, you need 10,000.
Gift Item Increase in friendship (for each item)
Dating Novice Token 30
Dating Amateur Token 90
Dating Expert Token 150

Irine Friendship Achievement Reward

Friendship Achievement % Reward Additional Details
50% Title - Irine's Fan A title with no stats.
70% Irine Has My Back An accessory that can be equipped on wings.
  1. Happy Memories Box
  2. Title - Irine's Love
  3. Poster
  1. You can get Hot Spring costume (30 days) when you open the box.
  2. This Title has no stats.
  3. You can check it at the Friendship Album.

Althea’s so-called best looking couple, Brad and Angelina are BACK as the Professors of Dating.

Get tokens based on your Grades in their class for exclusive Love Academy Rewards. While experts in dating will easily pass, it may be challenging for those who have never had much luck with relationships.

But who knows? Take their classes to see how you will fare in the Love Academy!

Entry Info

How to Enter
NPC Storyteller Kathy’s Quest
Entry Limit
Once a day
Level req.
At least level 24
Entry period
7th February 2018, after maintenance ~
14th March 2018, before maintenance

How to Play

  • Following Professor Brad’s lead, respond appropriately.
  • There are four lessons in total.

▷ Lessons 1~3

Pick the right answer for NPC’s question.

  1. Look at the NPC’s question
  2. Pick an answer by clicking the box
    (Click within 10 seconds)
Lesson 1 – Test of Comprehension
One of the most important things in dating is to understand one another.
Pick the right answer to pass.
Lesson 2 – Test of Concentration
“Are you listening to me??” – Do you get this a lot?
After listening to Professor Angelina, answer her questions.
Lesson 3 – Test of Observation
A keen eye is needed to catch any changes in your partner’s appearance.
With keen observation, find any changes in Angelina’s appearance.
▷ Lesson 4
Jump and climb the structure to click the star. (Time limit : 20 seconds)
Lesson 4 – Devotion Test
Can you get the stars and the moon for your beloved? You need to get a real star in Lesson 4.

Stage Rewards

Class Reward

Class Success Reward Fail Reward
Lesson 1 Dating Amateur Token x1 Dating Novice Token x1
Lesson 2 Dating Amateur Token x2 Dating Novice Token x1
Lesson 3 Dating Amateur Token x2 Dating Novice Token x1
Lesson 4 Dating Amateur Token x3 Dating Novice Token x1

Final Reward

Final Grade Reward
2~3 successes Dating Amateur Token x3
4 successes Dating Expert Token x1

NPC Storyteller Kathy’s Store

  • Tokens can be exchanged for the following items at the store too.
  • If you’re not interested in Irine or have leftover tokens, please use them in [Storyteller Kathy’s Store].
Item Required Items Note
High Grade Garnet Dating Novice Token x4 Level req. : At least Lv.90
High Grade Garnet Dating Amateur Token x2 Level req. : At least Lv.90Can buy up to 10 per week
Boom Boom Drink Dating Novice Token x6 -
Boom Boom Drink Dating Amateur Token x3 -
Happy Memories Box Dating Amateur Token x15 You will get 30-days durational Hot Spring Hat and Costume when you open the box
Happy Memories Box Dating Expert Token x5 You will get 30-days durational Hot Spring Hat and Costume when you open the box
Title - God of Love Dating Expert Token x10 A Title with no stats.