The Disciples Way

The stories they have told you are lies. The darkness is our friend, our strongest ally. The dream is our cage and Vestinel is our key. Give in to your thirst – give in to freedom – fulfil your potential and break free.

No man comes to the Goddess except through Mara.

The Black Mara character is only available for a limited time.

Create yours now before it’s too late!

This countdown timer reflects the time left before Black Mara is removed from the game.
You can also create a Dark Avenger, Silver Hunter and Arch Heretic during this stipulated time frame too.

Character Creation

  • Step 1:

    Click "Create Character" button to enter the character creation screen.

    New accounts will automatically enter the character creation screen.

  • Step 2:

    Select “Black Mara” and click “Create”. (Black Mara is selected by default.)

  • Step 3:

    After character customization, enter character name and click “Create” to create the character.

  • Mara can only be created until the next content patch update. (Dark Avenger, Silver Hunter and Arch Heretic can be created during this period too.)
  • Black Mara will be created as a Mara at the beginning.
  • Mara cannot specialize into other jobs (Elemental Lord, Force User).
  • Job Change Scroll cannot be used.
  • When you enter Mana Ridge after completing the tutorial, you will accomplish a mission and receive special rewards in the mailbox.
  • Sorcress skills require Gold to be learned but Mara and Black skills can be learned without using Gold
  • There is no Lv80 Legend Red Dragon Equipment (Weapon, Armor) that can be equipped on Black Mara.

Character Skills


Mara has changed Sorceress’s magic to suit her own needs. She can use acute magic attacks quickly or collect energy for a single powerful blow depending on her situation. She can also retreat to escape from danger or summon objects that respond to her attacks.


Hits enemies rapidly with magic rays that shoot out from the fingertips

Smoke Storm

Summons a deadly mark that deals damage on targets it comes into contact with. The mark pulls enemies the moment it appears and grows bigger over time.

Shadow Shell

Releases a shadow armour that reduces received damage and increase Super Armour Defence Power.

Ebony Spark

During [Blink] and [Dash], enter [Normal Attack Button] to shoot abyss flames or enter [Special Attack Button] to create dark explosion on the ground that deals damage on nearby enemies and jump up into the air.


Deals damage with a sickle that circles around the character. It can be activated by entering [Jump Key] during [All Attack Actions], [Blink], or [Jump].


Collects and shoot dark energy. The more dark energy collected, the higher the attack power. Shards of darkness will scatter when the attack hits enemies and explode when they touch the ground.

Deadly Smoke

Transform into deadly smoke and does not take damage. Part of the smoke will track nearby enemies and deal damage.


Summons a shadow resonator above the character's head. The resonator reacts when [Main Skills] and ultimate skills are used and shoots 2 shadow shots that track nearby enemies down.

Air Blink

You can use [Blink] in midair.

Void Coil

Continuously shoots Shards of Pain.


Lashes the Whip of Smoke. The characters warps to the corresponding direction before attacking when it is used while moving.


Shoot Shards of Corruption that makes enemies' resistance obsolete and reduces Attribute Resistance for enemies that are hit accurately.

Forgotten Wraith

While [Wraith Form] is active for 3 seconds, cooldown of all skill except [Wraith Form] will be recovered every second and own HP will be recovered.

Black Strike

Deals damage with Storm of the Night and pulls enemies to the center of the storm when they are hit accurately

Wraith Form

Escapes to the realm of spirits for 3 seconds to avoid taking damage. [Wraith Form] ends when another action is taken.

Complete Darkness

Own Dark attribute attack power increases for awhile.


Can only be used in midair by entering [Normal Attack] button. Sparks of Insult rains down from under the character's feet to burn the ground and deal damage on enemies within the area.

Black Mara

Black Mara can use dark power earned from the contract with darkness to transform, greatly boosting her attack abilities, power and range.


All received damage increase for a while for enemies that have been hit by the transformation shockwave.

Entropy (A)

Own [Critical Rate] increase by 20%

Enhanced Haze (A)

[Haze] can be used in midair. When used in midair, the character descends quickly and hits a narrow area. Warp is not allowed in this instance.

Black Mara

[Black Energy] is created when [Main Skills] before transformation hit enemies. You can use the skill to transform when you have more than 50 [Black Energy]. Upon transformation, the character will hold a weapon created with magic and charge at enemies.

[Main Skills] are enhanced and cooldown of enhanced skills are recovered. Uses 11 [Black Energy] immediately upon transformation and subsequently every 1 second, 2 will be used.


Immediately retreats to the back. Can be used while using other skills or in midair. In [Black Mara] state, it is enhanced to [Exhale] and transformation is cancelled while retreating. Additionally, [Exchange] leave a sickle behind which explodes after awhile.

Entropy (B)

Own [Final Damage] increase by 10%

Enhanced Haze (B)

[Haze] attack can be followed by a consecutive attack by entering [Normal Attack] button. The second attack will hit a narrow area and have the same Attack Power.

Class Mastery

Own [Intellect] increases by 50%.

Whenever Passive Skills [Ebony Spark], [Insult], and [Turbulence] hit enemies, there is a 100% chance of attaining [Enhanced Contract] effect for 30 seconds. [Enhanced Contract] effect can be stacked up to 10 times.

While [Enhanced Contract] is in effect, Enter [Normal Attack] button after using [Ripping] to use [Void Coil] and [Cleaving] in quick succession.

[Void Coil] and [Cleaving] used with [Enhanced Contract] do not use cooldown time but Attack Power is reduced by 50%.

When you use [Void Coil] and [Cleaving] in such a way stacked [Enhanced Contract] will be deducted by 1.

Enhanced Ebony Spark (A)

[Normal Attack] shoots 2 more Abyss Flames.

If you have learned [Class Mastery], you can get [Enhanced Contract] effect.

Enhanced Turbulence (A)

[Turbulence]'s spinning attack advances forward.

Class Mastery II

Own Attack Power increases.

When [Main Skills] hit enemies without using [Enhanced Contract], [Deadly Smoke] and [Inhale]'s cooldown time are recovered by 5 seconds.

Additionally, you will also attain [Enhanced Contract] when [Haze] hits enemies.

Enhanced Ebony Spark (B)

Attack Power of dark explosion created by [Special Attack] increases by 7 times.

Enhanced Turbulence (B)

[Turbulence]'s Attack Power increases 3 times.

Awakening Quest

You can get the Awakening quest as a Remote Quest or from Master Sorceress Stella.

Special Items

Get the following items for your Black Mara when you reach the respective levels. Remember to claim them before they expire!

Beginning of Black Mara

*‘Beginning of Black Mara’ items can be opened from Lv60 onwards and will disappear after 30 days.

Black Mara's Path

*‘Black Mara’s Path‘ can be opened from Lv93 onwards and will disappear after 30 days.


blackmara-screenshot-01 blackmara-screenshot-02 blackmara-screenshot-03 blackmara-screenshot-04 blackmara-screenshot-05 blackmara-screenshot-06

Despite its name, the Chaos Opening has remained a peaceful place for a long time – until now. An Abyss Sign, one unlike anything that anyone has ever seen before has manifested itself and released minions to wreak havoc and hold feasts of darkness.

Just like a cancer, with every banquet held – evil grows and deepens the Goddess’ nightmare.

Delve into darkness itself to crash their party, but be warned as terror awaits even the bravest of Heroes! Do you dare risk your sanity for glory? Blood for reward? Then come with an empty stomach and be prepared to get your fill! Bon appetit!

Entry Information

Play Structure


Kill monsters to fill the Nightmare Gauge and attain Nightmare Stars.

Deep Abyss (Nightmare 5)

You can clear the dungeon when you fill up the Nightmare Gauge to 100% by killing monsters. Unlike Nightmare 1 to 4, random events will not occur.


Only boss grade monsters will appear in Nightmare 5. Get stars and fill up your gauge by killing them.

  • The monsters consist of bosses that have appeared in the previous Nightmare stages.
  • When your Nightmare Gauge is full, you will meet the final boss who is waiting at the deepest part of the abyss.


  • When you kill the final boss of Nightmare 5, a reward chest will appear at the center of the map.
  • You can get items such as Lv93 Magic Talismans and Garnets from the treasure chest.

Lv93 rewards

Dungeon Stages

lv93-screenshot-01 lv93-screenshot-02 lv93-screenshot-03 lv93-screenshot-04 lv93-screenshot-05 lv93-screenshot-06


Kill the Boss Monster at the Final Stage < Experiment Addict Child Granom >.

Entry Information

Mission Title Rewards

You can get the following Title from Granom Nest and Granom Nest (Hard Core).
Check the eligibility conditions at Mission window (L) - Nest!