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Give Granom and his boys 6x the beating!

Team Dragon Nest on:08/Feb/2017
news-2017feb-granom5x.png (580×147)

Sometimes it takes more than just one beating to get the message across. From 20 February 0000HRS to 5 March 2359HRS (CET), give Granom and his lackeys 6 times the beating for Rewards and to make sure that they realize how you really feel about them. Get ready, folks! It’s time to give that mad scientist a welcoming gift that he won’t ever forget. 

content-2017feb-granom5x.png (520×538)

Note* Hardcore mode counted as well.

Get yourself ready for a throw-down of maniacal proportions! 

Terms and Conditions

The event will start on 20 February and end on 5 March 2359HRS.
• Rewards are given per character basis.
• Rewards will be credited on 7 March before 2359HRS.
• Rewards are credited via Special Storage.
• Rewards that are not collected and have expired will not be reimbursed.
• All timings stated are in the CET time zone.
• Any character that has been banned due to infringement of game abuse policies during the event or reward period will not be compensated
• Any disputes will not be entertained 1 month after the date of accreditation of event rewards.