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The Magnificent Magnifying Glass Event!

Team Dragon Nest on:21/Feb/2017
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Don’t you just love sneak peaks? From 22 February 0000HRS – 8 March 2359HRS (CET), simply use a [Magnifying Glass] at the end of your Dungeon runs and get a chance to snag any one of the magnificent rewards below! Who says that it doesn’t pay to be sneaky?

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Q1: Where do I get the Reward? Why I haven't I gotten mine after using??

A1: The reward will be sent to your In-Game Mailbox OR Cash Shop Gift Box on the next hour mark. Meaning, if you use the Magnifying Glass at 6:40PM, you will get your reward at 7PM. If you use the magnifying glass at 7:05PM, you will get your reward at 8PM.

Q2: If I use 2 magnifying glasses during one particular chest selection, do I get 2 rewards?

A2: Yes. The number of Rewards you get will be equivalent to the number of Magnifying Glasses you used.

Q3: Does this works only for Nests?

A3: No. It works for any Dungeon or Nest so long as you can use the Magnifying Glasses.

Q4: Which Dungeon Mode do I have to run in order to qualify?

A4: Doesn't matter which mode you run, whether it be Easy/Normal/Hard/Master/Abyss. Bottom line, as long as you use the Magnifying Glass, you will get the rewards.

Q5: Why do I receive only 1 reward when I used 2 magnifying glass?

A5: Check both your in-game Mailbox and Cash Shop Gift Box, you might be getting 1 in-game item and 1 cash item.

Q6: I have used my magnifying glass; why didn't I get the reward?

A6: The reward is issued hourly. If you use your magnifying glass at 7:05PM, you will get your reward at 8:00PM. If you use it at 7:55PM, you will still get the reward at 8:00PM.

Q7: I have used my magnifying glass at 6:45PM, it's now 7:00PM and I still did not get my reward.

A7: You'll probably need to change channel or re-log in order for the mail notification and gift box notification to show up.

Q8: How are the rewards given out? Random or by a specific order? 

A8: The rewards you get are random.