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Claim Treasures fit for Worthy Heroes! [Guild All-Stars 2017]

Team Dragon Nest on:15/Nov/2017
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Darkness looms over Althea and with it, doom and destruction. Who will be there to protect this land? From 15 November to 9 January 2359HRS (CET), answer the call to Heroes and make a stand with your comrades to wage war against all who would disrupt this peace.

Train hard, and train smart. There is power in numbers so form a Guild and train together. Don’t forget your lower level Guild Mates too! Help them to rise to the occasion and everyone in the Guild stand to reap some cool benefits!

Treasure worthy of Althea’s Top 20 Guilds await, so get your cheat sheet here: http://dneu.cherrycredits.com/guild-all-stars-2017

Guild Recruitment Phase

(15 November 0000HRS to 6 December 2359HRS)

Scoring and Grinding Phase

(7 December 0000HRS to 31 December 2359HRS)

Tabulating of Scores Phase

(1 December 0000HRS to 9 January 2359HRS)


Guilds from position 1 to 10 will receive the following rewards

1) Mid-Grade Hero's Weapon Strengthening Stone x40

2) Mid-Grade Hero's Armour Strengthening Stone x40 

3) Dragon Box x10 

4) Level 95 Epic Plate Pouch x5

Guilds from position 11 to 20 will receive the following rewards

1) Mid-Grade Hero's Weapon Strengthening Stone x20 

2) Mid-Grade Hero's Armour Strengthening Stone x20 

3) Dragon Box x5 

4) Level 95 Epic Plate Pouch x3

Continue below to see how you can score maximum points during the respective Phases: 

Recruitment Phase (15 November to 6 December 2359HRS)

Guilds are to recruit as many guild members as they can as every recruited guild member will add 1 point to their overall points.
• Characters level 60 and above will be able to join or change guilds during this period
• Characters (Level 60 and above) who leave and join another guild scoring period has begun will be forfeited.
• Once scoring period has begun, characters that are not level 60 and above can still join and leave guilds even after recruitment period has ended.

Scoring and Grinding Phase (7 December to 31 December 2359HRS)

Guild Members will earn points according to their levels. For every level they have, the Guild will score +1 Point. 
For each character that is at the max level in the Guild will score +10 points.

GM Fosx was at Level 60 during the Scoring and Grinding Phase and reaches Level 95 by the end of the Scoring and Grinding Phase.
GM Fosx will have gained 95 + 10 = 105 points for the guild he is in.

Tabulating of Scores Phase (1 January 0000HRS to 9 January 2359HRS)

The breakdown of Total Scores will be as follows: 
1) Number of characters joined the guild above Level 60 during the Recruitment Phase.
2) Number of Levels gained for each character during the Scoring Phase.
3) Number of Max Level character in the guild.

Total Number of Guild Members above Level 60 before Scoring Phase: 4

GM Fosx gained: 60 Levels
GM Vee gained : 70 Levels
GM MinzyXCL gained: 80 Levels
GM Sha gained: 95 Levels 
Total Points per Levels Gained = (60 + 70 + 80 + 95) x 1 
= 305 x 1
= 305

Number of Characters at Max Level: 1 
Total Points per Number of Characters at Max Level = 1 x 10 
= 10 

Total Points for the guild  = 4 + 305 +10
          = 319 Points

For every level a character has, the guild will score +1 point.
For each characters that are at max level in the guild will score +10 points.

Terms and Conditions: 

• This event will run from 15 November to 9 January 2359HRS
• Characters are considered active for this event when logging in at least once during the scoring period (7 December to 31 December 2359HRS).
• Level 60 characters will have the period between 15 November to 6 December to join/leave any guild. From 7 December 0000HRS onwards, Level 60 characters that leave/join another guild will not be taken into consideration for the final scoring.
Level 60 Characters that join/leave guilds after the Recruitment Phase will not receive any rewards even if the guild they reside in are eligible to receive rewards for the event.
• Characters below Level 60 are allowed to join and leave guilds at any time of the event; however, points gained in previous guilds WILL NOT carry over to the final guild that these characters are in at the end of the event.
• New guilds formed during the Scoring Period (7 December to 31 December 2359HRS) can still be eligible for scoring points and earning points by characters who are below Lv60 that joined the newly formed guilds. (i.e A new guild formed by characters below Lv60 who level up during the event will be eligible to earn points and if these characters reach Lv60, will score points for their new guild)
• Only characters that are Level 60 and above will gain points for their guild when they level.
• Banned accounts characters will not be able to contribute points to the guild.
• Rewards can only be obtained once.
• Rewards are given per character basis.
• Rewards will be credited into Special Storage.
• Rewards will be given based on the ranking of the Guild.
• Rewards will be credited latest by 9 January before 2359HRS.
• Rewards that are not collected and have expired will not be reimbursed.
• All timings stated are in the CET Time Zone.
• Any character that has been banned due to infringement of game abuse policies during the event or reward period will not be compensated
• Any disputes will not be entertained 1 month after the date of accreditation of event rewards.
• Terms and conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.
• Admin’s decisions are final