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Conquering Professor K Hardcore & More!

Team Dragon Nest on:21/Dec/2016
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Bring on your full battle mode because this patch brings you the sheer hardcore madness of Professor K’s Nest as well as Practice Nests for those looking to hone your skills a notch! 

Professor K Nest Remedial Class (Hardcore) 

If Normal is not your style, then go full cray with Professor K Nest Remedial Class in Hardcore mode! Talk about pure insanity! 

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Location Info
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Reward Info
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Practice Mode Nest

If the madness of Professor K scares you a wee bit, fret not because you can take on the Practice Mode first before jumping on the insanity bandwagon! 

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Entry Info

Location: Garden of Time and Space
Route: [Town] Saint Haven → [World Zone] Garden of Time and Space
Entry Gate Location: Flickering Spiral Hall (Practice Mode)
Party size: 1 ~ 4 players
Min Level: 93

There is no Entry Ticket, weekly clear limitation, or resurrection limitation.
( Note: Resurrection Scrolls will be used for resurrection. )

There is no dungeon clear reward.

Monsters that appear in Practice Mode have 75% of attack power and HP compared to the original Nest.

Mission Reward Titles
You can get the following Title in the Practice Mode Nest.
Check out the obtainment conditions at Mission (L) -  Nest

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Armor up Adventurers, because it’s showtime!