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Team Dragon Nest on:23/Dec/2016
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Ever wondered where to go to have more Dragon Nest fun? Well, we have the perfect place for you! 

The Dragon Nest EU Facebook page is the main destination for our players who want to get the most out of the game. Whether it be the latest updates on the game, our coming patches, or information about events – we have it all!

But it’s not just plain updates that we have ready for you. Our Facebook Page is where all our players engage and chat with each other, and where we have the chance to interact with you and build a fun community too!

And get this – there are contests! We love to give away rewards to our fans, and Facebook is where we do it. Fancy being rewarded with High Grade Essence of Life or Superior Diamond? Then participate in our challenges and get really cool stuff, which might occasionally even include amazing rewards like costumes!

And – wait for it – there is more! Available only on our Facebook page is exclusive content – exceptional peeks into the continuation of the Dragon Nest lore and stories, incredible artworks from you, the players, received by us through the DN EU Art Box, as well as cool materials and designs shared with us by the developers! 

Lastly, when we are not busy updating you or giving out rewards, we also like to post really fun stuff. Like, meme-worthy stuff! We are a fun bunch here at Dragon Nest, and we love to make jokes. 

Well, this should do it. There seems to be no less than a million reasons for you to join our Facebook page! Make sure to visit and like Dragon Nest EU to get the full Dragon Nest experience and become the ultimate Dragon Nest Adventurer. Come, join and participate!