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New Year, New Look!

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Jan/2017
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Kick off the New Year with giving your wardrobe a fresh new look too! The Cash Shop has everything this month to do just that.

The School Package Monthly Costume
Time to look fresh and ready to take school to all that stand in your way! 

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Arch Heretic – Exclusive Costume Package
Exclusively for Arch Heretics, this is the one and only outfit you’ll want to wear when rockin’ the Dark Side. 

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Dragon Box Update

Conversion Costumes
Give your Conversion Costumes some lovin’ this Dragon Box Update! Check out the essential in-depth Guide on how you can give your Costumes the stats the deserve here: http://www.dragonnest.eu/community/notice/3122

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Complete the Cold Mirage Sadnyth set and transform into the Ice Queen!
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Pop by the Cash Shop today!