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Team Dragon Nest on:08/Feb/2017
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Romance is in the air this February in Dragon Nest! If you’re dropping by Althea with that special someone, the Cash Shop has all you need to get decked out for Valentine’s festivities. Get anything for yourself or the S.O, because from flowers to weddings, we’ve got it all! 

Monthly Costume – Wedding Package
You’ll never forget to take out those bouquet of roses ever again! 
content-2017feb-cashshop-01.png (520×304)

Dragon Box Update
This February, shower yourselves with Dragon Box elegance! Keep your romance classy, boys and girls. 

content-2017feb-cashshop-02.png (520×342)

content-2017feb-cashshop-car.gif (330×240)

Banquet of Flowers Giant Wedding Set
Don’t miss your chance to be a beacon of grace!

content-2017feb-cashshop-03.png (520×296)
content-2017feb-cashshop-04.png (520×358)
content-2017feb-cashshop-05.png (520×496)
content-2017feb-cashshop-flowerwing.gif (330×240)

Charming Rubinart’s Set
Set your spirits ablaze with Rubinart’s Set! 

content-2017feb-cashshop-06.png (520×263)
content-2017feb-cashshop-07.png (520×572)
content-2017feb-cashshop-08.png (520×572)
content-2017feb-cashshop-09.png (520×572)

content-2017feb-cashshop-10.png (520×650)

Engraving Scroll 

content-2017feb-cashshop-11.png (520×296)

The time to pop by the Cash Shop is now!