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April Mayhem Game Patch (Completed on 5 April)

Team Dragon Nest on:04/Apr/2017

Game service resumed at 1300HRS CEST. Happy Gaming!

Update on 1055HRS: Maintenance will be extend and is expected to resume by 1300HRS CEST.

Update on 0900HRS: Maintenance will be extend and is expected to resume by 1100HRS CEST.

Dear Players,

There will be a Game Patch on 5 April 2017 starting from 0400HRS CEST.

The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 0900HRS CEST.

We strongly recommend that you log out of the game before the stipulated time to avoid any item loss


  • Deep Sea Dragon Nest (Normal / Hardcore)
  • Dark Banquet (2 man)
Game Improvements
  • Lv93 Unique Evolution
  • Lv93 Legend Ice Dragon Equipment Evolution
  • Refined Genesis Accessory Crafting
  • Lv93 Dragon Jade Enhancement Level 14 Added 
  • [Guild] Guild Join Request Added
  • Compare Skill in Rank Battle Ranking
  • Epic Talisman Evolution
  • Master-Apprentice System Improvement
  • Wrath Store Update
UI Improvements
  • Point Currency System 
  • Channel Chat Improvements
  • ATK / HP Notation for Nests
Cash Shop Updates

  • Egyptian God Costume Packages 
  • Epic Costume: Marching Band 
  • Brilliant Hero Costume Package
Dragon Box Updates

  • Bathing Cat Spirit
  • Cold Ice Heart Ninetails
  • Noble Cygnus W/T/D
  • Eyes - Sienna
  • Eyes - Silver
  • Hair Colour - Slate Blue
  • Hair Colour - Steel Blue
  • Charming Rubinart Wing / Tail / Decal
  • Charming Rubinart Spirit (Growth Type)
  • Charming  Rubinart Necklace
  • Charming  Rubinart Weapon Exchange Coupon
Skill Balancing

  • Class Mastery: HP recovered when [Howl Charging] and [Highlander] are used is reduced from 3% to 1%. (PVE)
  • Class Mastery: [Battle Howl]’s “Increase in HP for each VIT” is removed and changed to increase in maximum HP by 50%. (PVE)
  • Crash Mode: [Rage] is not used when defence stance is taken. (PVE, PVP)
  • Crash Mode: HP recovery every 2 seconds is changed from 3% to 1%. (PVE)
  • [Awakened Passive] Howl Charging: Increase in ATK is removed and is changed to increase in Final Damage (PVE, PVP)
  • [Awakened Passive] Maelstrom Howl: Amount of [Rage] needed for casting the skill has been changed to 2 points from the previous 5 points. (PVE, PVP)
  • Cannonade: Location is now set using the mouse, not keyboard. (PVE, PVP)
  • Triple Orbs: Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Black Hole: Cooldown reduced (PVE)
  • Comet: Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Comet: Cooldown reduced (PVE)
  • Gravity Ascension:  Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Gravity Ascension:  Cooldown reduced (PVE)
  • Class Mastery II: Hitting enemies with [Gravity Sphere] does not recover the cooldown of [Triple Orbs EX Instant] anymore. (PVP)
  • Lightning Zap: Attack power reduced (PVP)
  • Justice Crash: Cooldown reduced (PVP)
  • Stance of Faith EX: Reduction in cooldown is removed. (PVP)
  • Thrust Force:  Attack power increased (PVP)
  • Thrust Force:  Cooldown increased (PVP)
  • Overwhelm: Damage of additional attack due to entering [Normal Attack Button] is reduced (PVP)
  • [Awakened Passive] Armour Break: Damage of additional attack due to entering [Normal Attack Button] is reduced (PVP)
  • [Awakened Passive] Stance of Faith: HP recovered when defence is successful is reduced 
  • Protection Shell: Cooldown increased (PVP)
  • Protection Shell: Duration decreased (PVP)
  • Chain Lightning: Electrocute rate is reduced (PVP)
  • Mind Breaker: The problem of excessively high stun rate is fixed.
  • Detonate: Cooldown increased (PVP)
  • [Awakened Passive] Holy Burst: Now Holy Burst will be activated around oneself too. (PVE, PVP)
  • [Awakened Passive] Grand Cross: Amount of [Saint Bubbles] attained for each Grand Cross and Antiphona Pool hit is increased from 1 to 3. (PVE,PVP)
  • Blessed Sign: Attack power reduced (PVP)
  • Consecration: Cooldown increased (PVP)
  • Consecration: Attack power reduced (PVP)
  • [Awakened Passive] Lightning Bolt: Increase in ATK of Lightning Bolt is reduced (PVP)
  • Lightning Storm: Attack power reduced (PVP)
  • Judgement Spear: Additional damage due to after-images is reduced (PVP)
  • Mechanic Mode: Attack power reduced (PVP)
  • Gear Master
  • Chain Saw Tower: Cooldown increased (PVP)
  • Big Mecha Bomber: Cooldown increased (PVP)
  • Tower Recall: Cooldown increased (PVP)
  • Mecha Cannon: Cooldown increased (PVP)
  • Mecha Cannon: Attack power reduced (PVP)
  • Pandemia: Cooldown increased (PVP)
  • Poison Outbreak: Cooldown increased (PVP)
  • [Awakened Passive] Pandemia: Cooldown reduced (PVP)
  • Graves: Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Dark Stinger: Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Piercing Crescent: Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Doom Blade: Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Vengeance Storm: Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Avenger Force:  Cooldown reduced (PVE)
Dark Avenger
  • Dark Crash: Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Aerial Wild Shot: Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Arrow Storm: Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Deluge Bolt: Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Rising Wind: Attack power increased (PVE)
  • Destruction Aria: Attack power increased (PVE)

[Manual Patch Version 192 to 193](Filesize: 289MB)
[Manual Patch Version 193 to 194](Filesize: 15.5MB)