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Your Biggest Adventure Starts with your Wardrobe!

Team Dragon Nest on:06/Sep/2017
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Burst into Chiron and the Level 95 scene with exciting September offerings! We’ve brought back some August favourites, but keep your eyes peeled for some Brilliant items found only in the Cash Shop! 

Monthly Costume – Karahan Theme 
Just because some magic is forbidden, it doesn’t mean that looking the part has to be that way too! Score the deadly Karahan’s Costume and strike fear in the hearts of all that stand in your way this September.

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Dragon Box Update
With how popular August’s offerings were, we couldn’t leave the Adventurers who haven’t gotten their chance to score on these brilliant items hanging. No second chances, boys and girls! Go out there and get’em!

Brilliant Sapphire Accessories
For the Adventurer who isn’t afraid to flaunt their style, this collection is definitely up your alley! 

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Greedy Hero’s Set
Greed isn’t always great, but it is good – especially when it comes to this Set!  

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[Hero] Karahan
At the ripe ol’ age of 60, you can’t deny that Karahan still looks pretty darn good! Don’t miss your chance to score this form without the need of forbidden magic before it’s too late this September!

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Fantasy Pegasus [Mount]
With fur and a mane that sparkles your broniest fantasy into Althean reality back again this September, there’s no better way of coming out of your brony closet. Spread those wings with pride, Adventurers! 

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The time to pop by the Cash Shop is now!