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Nightmares await you this October!

Team Dragon Nest on:19/Oct/2017
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The incarnate of Althea’s nightmare, the Spirit of Death has infected the Garden of Time and Space with the Slayer’s Poison. 

Nightmares are bad, but have you ever dealt with a Goddess’ nightmare before? She calls herself the Spirit of Death and the Slayer’s Poison, she cleansed the Garden of Time and Space of the weak and strengthened the baddest of the bad. Now stronger than ever before, can you stop these villains and claim Rewards as big as the challenge? 

If you thought that you can take a break this October, you’re wrong because with the Heatwave Volcano Nest coming back harder than ever and the appearance of the Lv93 Limit Break Nest, Best Hero Tournament and Halloween Special lined up, there’s always something to do! 

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