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Feel the warmth of the Cash Shop’s November Offerings!

Team Dragon Nest on:15/Nov/2017
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It’s that time of the year where you prepare to snuggle up to your favourite winter jackets or to your furry pets – all of which the Cash Shop has prepared specially for you this November! Feast your eyes on Althea’s stylish news digs now! 

Monthly Costume – Pajamas Theme 
These threads are reserved for Adventurers that want to say that they exude style even with their eyes closed! 

news_image_NOVEMBER-STYLE01.jpg (520×316)

Light Born In Darkness Costume Package 
For a limited time only, Oracle Elder fans get to cop her exclusive outfit! 

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Baby Bunny [New Pet]
DN EU’s latest pet is born from generations of selective breeding to objectively bring you the cutest Bunny in Althea.

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Dragon Box Update 
The ides of winter begin and there’s no better time than to stock up on Dragon Box Goodies!

Blacksmith Berlin Set
Get your hands on the set of Althea’s greatest blacksmith and saviour of the land himself! 

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news_image_NOVEMBER-STYLE05.jpg (520×316)

Brilliant Sapphire Accessories
For the Adventurer who isn’t afraid to flaunt their style, this collection is definitely up your alley! 

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Conversion Costume
Give your conversion costumes the boost they deserve and find out how at the following link when they’re back for one month only: 

Ghenna Darkness Weapon Exchange Coupon 
If the darkness in your heart has nowhere to go, here’s your chance to wield it with your own two hands.  

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