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Turn your treasure chest into a treasure trove!

Team Dragon Nest on:10/Jan/2018
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In the distant past, a traveller from a lost dimension made a surprising discovery when he performed an emergency landing into an old temple which was used as a thieves’ base for many generations. Needless to say, this base held immeasurable treasure – so much so, that it was rumoured that you couldn’t lay a foot here without stepping on gold. 

This traveller barely made it back alive, but along with him were pockets brimming with gold and tales of goblins that nearly took his life. Dare you risk yours like the many who have failed for a chance at more gold than you can carry? 

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  • You can learn the background story and information about the “Hit the Gold Goblin” event from the quest.
  • You can get the Guide Quest from Events Planner Irine in Saint Haven when you reach Lv95. (Quest Name: Hit the Gold Goblin)

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Stage Characteristics

  • Kill the unending waves of thieves and Gold Goblins, the master of the temple, to get their gold.
  • You can get even more Gold from the additional Treasure Chest when you satisfy the [Temple Master Gold Goblin] kill count conditions.
  • You can pick up Gold automatically without pets.  
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Battle Info
  • You can naturally fill the buff gauge by proceeding in the dungeon
  • When the buff gauge is full, you will get a [Wild Party Time] buff which gives you enhanced power and speeds things up.
  • You can fill the gauge more at once when you kill [Wild Shiny Goblin].

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  • After selecting the first treasure chest, more Gold Goblins will appear at once, [Wild Party Time] buff will be enhanced, and a powerful tornado will be created that pulls monsters to the center.
  • Make use of the [Wild Party Time] to sweep the thieves’ Gold into your own pockets!

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  • Gold. Lots of Gold.
  • More Gold when you open the additional Treasure Chest.