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Let the Cash Shop take you higher this New Year!

Team Dragon Nest on:10/Jan/2018
20180110_LookToTheSkies_NewsBanner.jpg (700×283)

From dragons to brilliant new sets and even a pet that’s out of this world, take advantage this New Year’s offerings! Make a visit to Cash Show now to kick off your resolutions and fly higher than ever before!

Monthly Costume – Idol Costume
Stop dressing like your idol and start dressing like the idol YOU want to be instead! 

20180110_MonthlyCostume_EU.jpg (700×283)
Dragon Box Update
Start your new year right when you reach for the stars with Dragon Box offerings catered specifically for you!

Warm Spring’s Cherry Blossom Set
Who says you have to wait for Spring to get your hands on Cherry Blossoms? 
20180109_CashNews_Wing_TailSet.jpg (693×329)
20180109_CashNews_Decal.jpg (700×472)

Starry Sky’s Full Moon Spirit 
Get your hands on a spirit that will make you their whole world! 
20180109_CashNews_MoonPet.jpg (700×378)
Lord of Red Dragon Medallion [Mount] 
Take your opportunity to reach the skies as you aim higher than ever before!
20180109_CashNews_Asia_Reddragon.jpg (700×370)
Blazing Sun Accessories 
The chance to blaze as brightly as the sun is yours when you get these pieces from the Cash Shop!

20180109_CashNews_Blazing_Sun_Ring.jpg (700×369)

Pop by the Cash Show today!