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Awakening Goodness and Desert Dragon shenanigans this February!

Team Dragon Nest on:07/Feb/2018
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Get your chance to awaken your costumes into life this February with the return of old Awakening favourites along with all things Desert Dragon! Make a visit to the Cash Shop this February to snag spirits, wings and a transformation you won’t soon forget! 

Monthly Costume – Aisha Costume Package
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Awakening Costume Package

It’s time to reawaken the Hero in you this February! 
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Aisha Gacha Box

If getting her outfit doesn’t cut it, don’t worry – we agree! This February only, enjoy the box of treats that give you everything Desert Dragon in Aisha Gacha Box.  

Memory of Aisha’s Set

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Memory of Aisha Spirit

If you think she was gone, you’re wrong because she’s not only back – she’s cuter than ever! 

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Memory of Aisha Necklace 

Customise your speech bubbles with some Desert Dragon flair! 

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[Hero] Aisha

Wreak havoc on all your enemies as Aisha when you’ve completed your Aisha Set!

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Pop by the Cash Show today!