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Could that sweet treat be a trap?? [Summer Event]

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Jul/2018

What story has Kathy prepared for you this Summer? Taking out an old fairy-tale book covered with cookie crumbs, she turns to the story of Hantel and Gresel. 

She reads:
Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Hantel with his sister Gresel; 
Who lost their way in the woods – 
And stumbled on a cottage made of cookies and sweets before chomping down more than a morsel. 
“What could go wrong?” they thought. It wasn’t too long before they realised;
That what they did, probably wasn’t very wise. 
For out came a scary witch, the owner of this cottage;
Who decided that in repayment for these crimes would make them into a delicious sausage.

“That’s a scary story. Good thing this isn’t real” you said to Kathy. With a look of surprise, she tells you: “What do you mean, not real? They’re being prepared as we speak!”  

Save poor Hantel and Gresel before they end up a tasty treat! Get Rewards and the plan below: 

Level 95 players can get the entry ticket quest from Storyteller Kathy (It can be taken only once).

• This stage consists of two areas – the maze area and boss battle area. 

• When you escape the maze area within the time limit, you will enter the boss zone. After a not-so-difficult battle, you can get the final reward. 



1 - Maze 

• Escape the maze within the time limit. You cannot use skills.

• When you fail to escape within the time limit, the stage will end – Get failure reward

• There are 10 maze patterns. Please refer to a separate document for more details.

2 – Final Boss: Wicked Witch 

• When you pass through the maze zone within the time limit, you will enter the boss zone and engage in battle.

• Boss monster’s difficulty level will be the same as Hero's Battlefield (Normal) difficulty level.

• There is no time limit and the stage will end when boss monster is killed – Get success reward


• Collect “Summer Artbook Coins” from the event stages and submit them to the Artbook to complete all the 5 levels.

• You need to complete all 5 levels to get the original artwork. (A total of 50 coins is needed / 10 for each level)

• If all event stages are cleared successfully, players can complete it in 2.3 weeks.