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Enter The Path Unknown…

Team Dragon Nest on:05/Dec/2018
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The Fission Maze At A Glance

1. Fission Stage:
There are no fixed routes in [Fission Maze].
Here, all stages of [Fission Nest] will appear randomly.
Also, you can get when you clear each stage.

2. Path with No End:
The path of maze that changes constantly stretches over an unknown distance.
No one knows when or where it would end.
[Fission Nest] may have 4 Stages or 5 Stages, or more.

3. Entrance and Exit:
Even though [Fission Maze] changes constantly, it still has its own rules.
You will know where the entrance and the exit are.
In the entrance of the maze, only of [Fission Nest] will appear, and in the exit, only stage of [Fission Nest] will appear.

4. Fission Stone:
When you clear each stage boss of [Fission Maze], you can get .
Break the and a new path will be revealed.

Entry Information

Entry Route: Saint Haven à Garden of Time and Space à Fission Maze Gate (previously Green Dragon Nest Time Attack Gate)
Party Size: 1 to 4 players
Blessing Points: 300 (Blessing Points will be deducted immediately when you enter)
Level Requirements: Lv95
Difficulty Level: Easy to Labyrinth Lv. 50
Resurrection Limit: Once a week / Additional 5 times a week (Hope Flower is needed)

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Changes in Content
With the discovery of [Fission Maze], changes have occurred to other Nests.

1. Tangled Core
Stage fission phenomenon has also occurred to [Fission Core].
[Fission Core]’s name has changed to [Maze Core] and the entry gate has changed from Fission Nest to Fission Maze gate.
<4x Rewards> will be applied for both clear rewards and stage rewards.

2. Green Dragon’s New Location
[Green Dragon Nest Time Attack] gate’s location has changed.
Before: Garden of Time and Space à Now : Riverwort Wharf

3. Changes in Fission Nest Area 1 :
Some attacks that ignored Parrying skill no longer does that. E.g. Frog Giant Stomp
Guardian Nest’s teleports less frequently.
Warp pads in all stages of Guardian Nest have been removed.
Chiron Nest’s ’s ice cage HP melts down by 2% every second.

Fission Maze
The Fission Maze Nest Mission has been added - [ Mission (L) – Nest ]’s Fission Maze Nest Mission

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[Missions and Titles]
One Mission and one Title have been added to Fission Maze. Newly added Mission and Title are as follows: 

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[Points Dropped By Middle Boss]

If you play [Fission Maze] which consists of random Nest areas, middle boss will drop additional rewards.

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