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Convert Your Items For The Ultimate Boost! [Conversion Costumes] [Updated]

Team Dragon Nest on:05/Dec/2018

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The Dragon Box has a special treat for you this December and it’s giving your Conversion Costumes some lovin’! Simply get your hands on a Conversion Item and you’re ready to follow the steps below to get started on giving your Conversion Costumes the stats they deserve:

1) Head down to the [Magical Costume Mirror] located in Saint Haven to begin the process of changing your Conversion Item’s appearance to your favourite Conversion Costume!

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2) Insert the Conversion Costume of your choice to change the appearance of you Conversion Item. 

*NOTE: Only work on permanent costumes, including overall costumes.

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*REMINDER: Only the Design of Conversion Costume will be carried over. The Conversion Item will keep its stats.

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*NOTE: Un-equipping the conversion costume will return the costume back to their original form. 

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Q. Where do i get Conversion Costume?

A. You will be able to obtain Magical Conversion Thread from Conversion Armour Dragon Box in the Cash Shop.

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Q.Where do i redeem the Conversion Costume?

A. You will be able to redeem your conversion costume from Storyteller Kathy NPC.

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Q. Where do i upgrade my conversion costume?

A. You will be able to upgrade your conversion costume, if you purchase Conversion boxes from Merchant Ginny NPC. Do note that you will need to purchase Magical Conversion key from the Cash Shop to open the Conversion box.

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