[Patch Notes] February's update details

by Team Dragon Nest on 2/10/2014 7:25:38 PM
Dear Dragoners,

We proudly present our February Patch Notes!


[New Class – Kali]

A new class has arrived - the Kali is now available in Dragon Nest Europe! For detailed information about the Kali and all events related to her, please see our update page. <Kali Update Page>


[New Item - Skill Dragon Jade]

So called ‘Skill Dragon Jades’ are now available in Dragon Nest Europe. These special Skill Dragon Jades will be dropped in all Hell Nests higher than Lv. 40. The Skill Dragon Jade’s effect is activated by certain conditions.


Purple Skill Jades (Weapons)

Activated when hitting a target.

Effect: Enemies get a debuff and your attack power temporarily increases.


Yellow Skill Jades (Armour)

Activated when receiving damage from enemies.

Effect: You get a buff that will restore HP or MP.


? The effects vary depending on the kind of Jade you have equipped.

  • Skill Dragon Jades are not activated in the Dark Lair.
  • Skill Dragon Jades have different stats in PvP and PvE.
  • There are 11 kinds of Purple Jades and Yellow Jades each.
  • Skill Dragon Jades are epic grade.


[Combined Skills]

Now you can learn additional ‘Combined Skills’. Depending on the total level of the characters in your account, you will be able to choose from several combined skills to apply to your characters. Check the character screen and in-game skill window for more details!


* Combined skills can be learnt automatically as your combined character level increases. The skills are shared between all characters on your account.

Since the skills are shared between the characters on the same account, all characters can use the same skills.

Combined skills can be changed anywhere, including villages and stages.

Combined skills are passive skills. Equip the icon to the ‘combined skill’ slots at the bottom.

Combined skill slots will automatically open with every respective character level (you can open up to 3 combined skill slots in total).

There are 3 types of combined skills with a different icon colour each.

You can’t equip the same kind of combined skill more than once.

Some combined skills have a level restriction.

Once you delete a character, some skills might be deactivated as well, since your combined character level decreases.

Since they can’t be leveled up like normal skills, you can’t reset or delete combined skills.


[New Login Screen]

A new log in UI is waiting for you.


[New Character Screen]

Click on the character list to see your characters.

You can now open up to 24 character slots per account (12 free slots/12 optional slots).

You can now try out gestures in the character screen. Practice the gestures before using them in front of your friends!

You can check how many max. level characters there are on your account. If you have more than one max. level character and start a new one, you will get bonus EXP.


[New Character Creation UI]


[Epic Items from Abyss Stages]

  • Epic items will be dropped in Abyss stages instead of Nests.
  • Only epic weapons and armour will be dropped in Abyss Stages. Set items and Essences will still be dropped in Nests only.
  • Epic items that are dropped in Abyss Stages now will not be dropped in Nests anymore.
  • Epic items will be dropped from Abyss Stages of the corresponding level.
  • Epic items can be obtained from the named monsters, boss monsters and stage clearance chests in the abyss difficulty. 


[Lv.60 Nest Drops]

- Skill Dragon Jades have been added to Nest Hell Modes.


[Level Up Event Rewards]

Equipment/Weapon exchange coupons for Kali and all other classes as well have been added to the level up boxes.


[Bug Fixes]

The bug that occasionally redirected you to the first main quest after having obtained the quest ‘Legend of the Legendary Weapon’ has been fixed.

The necessary quest item for the quest ‘Don't eat that’ has been changed from a ‘Dark Stone’ (Old NPC gift item) to a normal grade Golden Goose Guild Badge.


[Cash Shop Updates]

* Black/Purple/Yellow Arch Demon Wings

* ‘Shy’ Decal

The Deluxe Box will now contain:

Yellow/Blue/White Fox Tail

Bright Echo Necklace

Black Magnificent Wings




Besides the Kali Race Event, many other events are also taking place! Click the event titles to read more details in the event announcements.


  1. Race for Grace

Level up your Kali to get special rewards.

  1. Daily DNP Event

Log in to the game every day to collect your daily DNP reward!

  1. EXP Rush during the Weekends!

Every weekend from 12/02/2014 until 12/03/2014, you will get 50% more EXP and Item loot!

  1. Buy 2, Get 1 for Free!

This month you’re not only getting an additional costume set but also 2 additional golden eggs on top!

  1. The Amazing Board Game!

Explore the continent of Althea led by our DNMs!

  1. Open your Deluxe box

Purchase a Deluxe Box during the event period and get an additional DB in return.




However, that’s not everything! The Daily Deluxe Box games are also still ongoing every evening and the Returned Dragoner event is still going on as well! 

Enjoy the patch!


Team Dragon Nest Europe



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