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Video Policy

You may use our Dragon Nest game content in the form of video captures to produce videos or live streams for use on your website or streaming services such as YouTube or Twitch. However you may not extract the Dragon Nest game client to retrieve certain assets for your video production (e.g. specific music or data files), or modify the game client to show content that do not officially exist in the game – this is a violation of the Game Abuse Policy. Game Abuse Policy

You may participate in the YouTube Partner program or other similar programs that includes advertisements in your videos or live streams for monetization. However, all videos and live streams must be non-commercial and accessible to all for free. You or the hosting website must not charge anyone to view or access the content.

If you are using any audio content that does not belong to Dragon Nest, please seek the necessary permissions from the respective owners.

Please also ensure that your videos or live stream are in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.